The recent emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) as the prime focal point of innovation across an increasing number of industries makes one thing abundantly clear:

Data is the new oil.

Think Big Data is just a fancy buzzword? Think again.

Forget The Connected Mine, it’s already an outdated thing of the past. The Intelligent Mine is right here, right now. Your competitors are investing millions in new technology, leveraging artificial intelligence to process millions of data records, looking to fine-tune processes in ways that, up until recently, were impossible to improve upon.

bridging the divide worker

“The IoT is just another name for Embedded Systems and we already use them.”

Not quite. The IoT mandates open data access to your embedded systems, something the majority of original equipment and technology manufacturers (OEMs and OTMs) have refused to do since the very beginning. Open access is long overdue. It is your data and there’s an emerging marketplace full of applications ready to help you revolutionize the modern mine and benefit your bottom line.