Mine Operators

Are you a mine operator looking to extend the life of your current and future technology investments?

If so, we’d like to know more about you and how we can help you reach that goal.

In the meantime, have you considered:

Transforming legacy systems into IoT (Internet of Things) devices?

The IoT is not complicated, it isn’t magic. It is simply adding an open data access capability to devices (embedded or otherwise) that are present on the network. This open data capability makes a device useful to more than just an OEM’s reporting software. It makes your data available for aggregation along with data from other devices and can give you additional insights into your operation.

Curious? We’d love to discuss how you can leverage IoT in your operation

Leveraging mobile applications to connect your staff with the systems they use?

If you think smartphones are everywhere now, estimates show that by 2020, smartphone ownership will reach 6.1 billion, compared to 2.6 billion users in 2014. 6.1 billion phones represents 70 percent of the global population. It is also estimated that 90 percent of the population will have access to high-speed mobile data coverage by 2020.

Your staff is mobile and already ahead of you, so why not leverage this to connect your miners with your Enterprise Asset Management systems?

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Integrating all the data from different OTMs into a single common database?

Technology is already at work at your operation. Mobile assets produce data, wireless networks transport that data to permanent data storage onsite. However …

Each brand has its own database. Each brand has its own reporting software. Each brand thinks it knows your needs more than you do.

What a mess. We can help you clean it up.

Tired of wasting time creating spreadsheets just to build a simple report?

How much is your time worth? Spend less time copy-pasting data into spreadsheets and more time solving problems. We can help you collect and visualize data, as well as automate the reporting process so that you can focus on what counts: your operation.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Are you an OEM or system integrator looking to add value to your current and future technology offerings? If so, we’d like to know more about you and your specific requirements. Contact us here.

  • Augment your capabilities through integration with 3rd-party systems
  • Modernize your deployed embedded devices into modern IoT devices
  • Design and implement new value-added applications

Original Technology Manufacturers

Are you an OTM looking to partner with a mining technology development team that is as passionate as you are? If so, we’d like to know more. Contact us here to get started.

  • New product development
  • Big Data integration
  • Data modelling, aggregation and visualization
  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile asset monitoring
  • Geolocation and data mapping
  • Wireless data acquisition

Don’t know where to start?

That’s ok. Let us help you discover the potential in your mine and existing technology assets. Or if you just want to bounce some crazy ideas off of us, we’d love to hear from you.