Solution Architects

Our team of technology experts have intimate knowledge of many of the innovative mining technologies in use today, such as:

  • Open data integration
  • Drill monitoring
  • Geolocation, mobile navigation and asset tracking
  • Situational awareness
  • Wireless communications
  • System design, validation and deployment
  • Distributed systems
  • Legacy system refactoring
Bespoke software engineering

Technology Innovators

We are passionate about bringing new life to your existing technology investments. When we see the different original technology manufacturer (OTM) systems operating in isolation at every mine site, we see tremendous potential for data aggregation, visualization and reporting. Putting all of these pieces together is what Big Data and the Internet of Things is all about.

We also produce prototypes for proof-of-concept projects, making your ideas a reality.

Monthly or yearly retainer option

Industry Advisors

We understand how technology is constantly shifting, pushing new boundaries while rendering others obsolete. Some of your technology investments may never bear fruit. Many may never quite work as you intended. Take advantage of our knowledge base to avoid common mistakes that prevent you from attaining your departmental goals.

Learning things the hard way in technology can waste millions of dollars on misguided development efforts that damage your bottom line and disappoint your stakeholders.

Brands and technologies we have worked with: